The sick of it…

I write from my ‘sick bed’.. Yesterday, I finally gave in and went to the doctors. I don’t particularly like going to the doctors, mostly because I don’t have the time and they rarely say anything I want to hear. Anyway after days of no voice, coughing and spluttering, I have been diagnosed with Laryngitis. I think this pretty much sums up the state I have got myself in. Work, buying a home, planning a wedding, trying to ‘diet’ and sorting my finances, have finally taken there toll.

I remember a conversation I had with my father just weeks ago, I was telling him that we had our offer accepted on our place. I was trying to explain to him the ‘North/South divide’ when it comes to house prices. Being a proud Northerner, he simply couldn’t get his head around the numbers. I am more than aware that for the money we are paying for our place, we could get a three bed room house back home (and a very nice one too..) instead of the humble one bedroom flat we are getting down here on the Surrey/West Sussex borders. But it was during this conversation, that my Dad did the ‘Dad thing’. Asking was I ok? Was this what I wanted? Was I taking on too much? Though not his intention, I was in tears. I protested, that this was 100% what I wanted, and that I want it more than anyone else. To be a homeowner and wife, is all I’ve ever dreamed of, and to have a good job and not have to worry about my weight, would be a great bonus! I know that my father only had my best interests at heart, he has been deeply concerned about me whilst I’ve been in my current job. But I also know, that he is happy as long as I am, and that he is one of the very few people who can see right through any ‘front’ I may try and portray.

I feel like despite getting some good news (going back to my old job in a Senior role), I have finally fallen foul to the amount that has been on my ‘plate’. I take comfort in that, sorting my work situation is now ‘work in progress’ and that we have sorted most of the important planning parts to the wedding. It’s just a case of waiting and keeping everything crossed for the smooth transaction of buying our place. As for my weight, I will sort shifting these sneaky extra pounds that have found me, very soon.

All I can do is rest up and I guess try not to stress… everything is slowly sorting itself out..

D.I.Y Doily Bunting !

I think I may give this a go.. looks simple enough!

Jam and Tea

Doily bunting is really easy to make and gives a lovely elegant touch to your home  or an occasion .Would look gorgeous in a bedroom and in the garden on a hot summers day.




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A year today…


So, I have finally got round to doing my first ‘post’!

Today is exactly a year till I marry the love of my life. I was secretly scared of this day approaching, because I knew from this day forth, time will not be my friend. I am more than aware that, this year will pass in a whirlwind of; bunting, flower arrangements, arguments with my mother, strict dieting and table planning nightmares. – Nightmares, of which I’ve already had a few

Today was spent discussing mortgages (more of that, at another time) but also meeting the wonderful Maryanne at Jam & Tea. An event styling and catering business in Horsham, West Sussex. Jam & Tea was a suggested supplier from our reception venue, along with a list of several others. Naturally, the name struck with me. Being a vintage fiend, I thought this has got to be something to pursue. Browsing over the vast and variable menus, and the reading the positively beaming reviews – I was sold. I couldn’t wait to meet Maryanne, our correspondence up until this point, had been more reflective of old friends as apposed to supplier and client. I could tell Maryanne was made of the same ‘stuff’ as me – passion, a big heart, and just a little bit scatty,and she was exactly as I expected. We were greeted by a huge embrace, then guided into her beautiful home. A cove of painted dressers, vintage china, faded pastels and 50’s floral paintings. Yes, this was the lady for me. We settled down to some tea, in wonderfully mismatched china and then tried some of  Maryanne’s catering delights. Homemade macaroons, pink lemonade in mason jars, bilinis and mini quiches, chocolate muffins…. it was all delicious. Maryanne made some fantastic suggestions, things I hadn’t even thought of. I walked out of there today, confident I will get the day of ‘my dreams’. I have a strong need to be individual, I want our wedding to reflect us. A young, laid back couple, with a love for nostalgia and the kitsch….. well one of us!

And yet whilst all these plans start to fall in place, I still find it all so hard to believe, I never thought I would get married. I didn’t think anyone would be crazy enough, to want to put up with me for a lifetime. Up until meeting my fiancé, I had resigned myself to a life of singledom. My life has completely changed the past 2 and a bit years, and I owe it all to him. Why he’s picked me, heaven only knows. Someone decided to give me a windfall, in the form of the beautiful man I am going to marry. He has brought me so much happiness, an amazing new family and a valid excuse to try on wedding dresses!!!!